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Post 5 quotes that inspire me (10 Days of Recovery)

I think most of my favorite quotes right now come from Morgan Harper Nichols and her amazing art. I honestly just can’t get enough. And they speak so deeply to me. Like they find what I need to hear and they say it. I save a lot of quotes whether it’s on tumblr or Instagram. I’m always saving quotes to my pages and camera roll. I think hearing what other people have to say is important and relating to them is even more crucial. We are not alone and having someone else say exactly what we need to hear demonstrates that more than almost anything else. Usually when I make quote images I write what I need to hear. And when it resonates with someone else that is so powerful because we both needed to hear the same thing even though we both may take different things away from it.

“You are brave, even in the most subtle ways, and you may not always feel like the fire that you are, but you will shine on anyway” – MHN

“You can’t hate yourself into a version of yourself you can love”

“and here you are living despite it all” – Rupi Kaur

” Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves”

“Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart open too. You never know who you’re going to meet and what they will mean to you.” – MHN

Here’s an extra 6th quote too:

“You belong in this world just as much as anyone else. No matter how others see you, or how you see yourself.” – MHN

I’m not going to go into detail about what these quotes mean to me because I think some of them explain themselves but I think others are more complex and what you take from them is more important than what I take from them.

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